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GTA:Table Top Edition is a fan-made creation for those looking to play in a more modern setting, for when Star Wars, orkz, or dragons get a bit boring. Instead, battle drugs, or with drugs, as you attempt to move yourself up in the world by getting money, spending it, or laundering all of it. The goal is to create a captivating game using many available resources, using the guns from the first two Black Ops games, most vehicles from Grand Theft Auto 5, and a plethora of cameos and references otherwise not mentioned. 

As a somewhat seasoned Dungeons and Dragons addict, GM, and player, it began to grow stale - what, killing dragons and looting their scaley corpses. Sometimes saving up a few million dollars, in this game is really rewarding when it comes to buying the most expensive weapons, cars, and attachments available. If you're not as into that, then walking away from nuclear explosions, killing off a high member of society, or teaming up and then backstabbing a crime boss would definetely be worthwhile. Either way, if you're interested, I highly recommend clicking on the link right below!

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